Section 17. Renewal of the certificate of registration

(1) A data user may make an application for renewal of registration certificate

     not later than ninety days before the expiration date of the certificate of registration by

     the manner and form prescribed by the Commissioner and the application shall be accompanied by

     the prescribed renewal fee and any documents required by the Commissioner, but no

     applications for renewal shall be allowed if the application is made after the date of expiry

     certificate of registration.

(2) When renewing a certificate of registration, the Commissioner may vary the conditions or restrictions

     imposed at the time the certificate of registration was issued or impose additional conditions or restrictions.

(3) The Commissioner may refuse to renew a certificate of registration—

     (a) if the data does not comply with any provision of this Act;

     (b) if the data does not comply with any conditions or restrictions imposed upon the certificate

     registration is issued; or

(c) if he is satisfied that the data shall not proceed with the processing of personal data

     accordance with this Act.