You have rights when a person or organization taking and recording of personal details

of you for the purposes of commercial transactions.


1. We were told the purpose of personal data processed by an organization or in other words to do?

    User data that solicit personal information you must provide:-

• The name of the organization or people who collect information or from where they collect

  information ;

• The reason they require personal data;

• Any other information that you may need to ensure that they

  handle the details yourself fairly. For example particulars of a body or

  others that they will disclose your personal details.

• If an organization or individual has obtained your personal data away from others who are not

  directly from you, they must tell you that they were holding the data

  Your personal data and notifies the user of the original.


2. Your right to access personal data where necessary.

• The user or the managing or hold your data must be:

• Collecting personal data in a fair manner and in accordance with legislation;

• Personal data shall only be kept for the purposes for which it was collected;

• Personal data is stored for a specific purpose at the time it was collected can not be used

  for other purposes;

• Personal data will not be disclosed to any third party (disclosed), but with a purpose

  it is obtained and the data subject's consent;

• Personal data shall be accurate, up to date and in connection with its use;

• Personal data shall not be kept longer than necessary;

• An individual has the right to be informed of the data stored and can

  Access to such data;

• Efforts to ensure data security is the responsibility of the user data;

• Information on basic storage of personal data should be open to public.


3. Your rights to correct our personal data that have been processed

• If there are organizations or individuals who hold your personal data, then you can ask for

  them to verify it. They must tell you their goals hold

  Such personal data. You can ask to get this information for free.


4. Your right to withdraw consent to process personal data if it is

  no longer interested in the matter.

• If you find that the user data store information about you that is not

  correctly, you can ask them to change or delete the items.

• Similarly, if you feel that the organization or person who has a legitimate reason

  to hold your personal data, or they took these details in a way that

  unfair, you can ask them to change or delete these details.

• In both cases, you can write to the organization or person, explain

  that there are details that are incorrect.


5. We need to know our right to prevent processing likely to cause damage

  or stress (distress).

• You can also ask users not to use the data personal details to

  purposes other than their primary goal.

• You can write to the organization or person, explaining that there details

  Improper and take action to correct it.


6. We also have the right to prevent processing for   direct marketing purposes.

• If the data hold personal details about you for direct marketing purposes,

  you can ask them to remove these items. You can do

  this in writing to the organization or person holding the item. They must

  tell you if it has been done according to your request.


7. The right to freedom of automated decision-making

• In general, important decisions about you based on your personal details to be

  have human input and is not generated automatically by the computer, unless you

  agree with this. For example, it may be the reliability of the results.


8. The right to reject a call or email direct marketing

• If you do not want to receive phone calls from direct marketing, you should

  contact your phone service provider. They will make note of your request  contact your phone service provider. They will make note of your request.

 You can also reject the call by asking the caller not to call you


• The organization must get your permission before they contact you via machine

  fax or automated dialing for direct marketing purposes..

• An organization also should get your permission before they send mail

  elektronik or electronically to your computer before they send a text message to your mobile phone.