Monitoring Division is responsible for carrying out the task of monitoring and enforcement to ensure compliance with Act 709:

- Evaluation

- Investigation

- Monitoring

The function and role: -

  • Ensure accountability and integrity of user data to always protect the personal data is the company's most important asset in any organization.
  • Ensure the implementation of programs, activities and the protection of personal data is always up to the standards set by the independent auditing, objective analysis and comprehensive assessment.
  • Helping organizations improve operational data users and give confidence to the people and stakeholders on the use and management of personal data protection.
  • Re-evaluate the risk management systems and processes personal data protection available, so that any weaknesses that arise can be corrected and addressed.
  • To ensure that the checks and balances that are crucial in determining matters of personal data protection is implemented by an organization been implemented effectively and efficiently.
  • Processing and managing public complaints against non-compliance with personal data of users.
  • Coordinate and implement the inspection, investigation and enforcement of user data either based on complaints or Commissioner's initiative.