Legal Division is responsible for providing legal services to the Department of Protection of Personal Data. Legal services provided include legal advice, drafting of legislation, review of legal documents, conducting prosecutions and representing the Department in any civil suit in court.


  1. Give your views / legal advice in writing or orally in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and other laws on legal issues arising in the Department of Protection of Personal Data.
  2. Prepare and review any legal documents such as agreements, contracts, memoranda of understanding and other.
  3. Responsible to the Advisory Division, the Attorney General for the matter and domestic issues.
  4. Responsible for the International Affairs Division, Attorney General's Chambers on matters involving international matters.
  5. Responsible to the Drafting Division, Department of the Attorney General for matters concerning legislative drafting.
  6. Responsible to the Prosecution Division of the Attorney General in cases involving the prosecution's case.
  7. Responsible for the Civil Division, Attorney General's Chambers in matters involving legal cases / civil.
  8. Enact any major legislation or subsidiary legislation (new or revised).
  9. Enact any other legal instrument such notification, authorization by the Minister and the like.
  10. Representing the Government of Malaysia in the case of a civil suit involving the Department.
  11. Inform, provide documents and collect survey information for criminal and civil cases sent to the Prosecution and to the Civil Division, Attorney General's Chambers.