1. Manage and coordinate the welfare of staff.
  2. Manage and coordinate the meeting secretariat.
  3. Implement ACAP.
  4. Plan, coordinate and provide secretariat services for the implementation of activities and programs that improve the quality and productivity of the department.
  5. Managing the store, inventory and supplies office equipment.
  6. To manage the files of the Department.
  7. Plan and prepare the annual budget of the Department.
  8. Arrange payment of bills and receipts.
  9. Managing Trust Accounts Department.
  10. Manpower planning and organizational development.
  11. Manage the appointment, confirmation and holidays.
  12. Manage placement, transfer, retirement, salary increases and managing human resources staff.
  13. To handle the promotion, performance reporting and discipline.
  14. Coordinate the implementation of HRMIS at the departmental level.