Corporate Communication Unit (UKK) is to promote policies, programs and activities of the Department / Ministry towards building a positive image through promotion planning and strategic and effective publicity. In addition to promoting participation, increasing public appreciation and understanding of, the policies, programs and activities of the Department / Ministry. This unit also manages the public relations with the media effectively as a whole.


  1. Promote policies, programs and aktivivti Department / Ministry towards building a positive image through promotion and publicity planning a strategic and effective;
  2. Encourage participation and increase the public's appreciation and understanding of basic programs and activities of the Department / Ministry;
  3. Managing Public Relations with Media and Media Strategy in planning for effective dissemination of information and to meet the timeliness and the objectives of the Department / Ministry as a whole;
  4. Acting as a spokesman for the Department / Ministry of delivering information relating to the facts and circumstances related to the Department / Ministry;
  5. Monitor and evaluate the media coverage and impact on current development department / ministry and respond to the issues raised;
  6. Manage your feedback on the issues involving the image of the department / ministry and relationship with the media in correcting coverage and response;
  7. Acts as an advisor in the field of Public Relations and Media Relations for planning and advising Senior Management on public relations strategy in the Department / Ministry;
  8. Media Coordinator acts as an officer and became part of the management at the Department / Ministry;
  9. Responsible for coordinating production and production of publications of the Department / Ministry of informative source of information;
  10. Designing and implementing an Action Plan Event Management for the activities of the official Department / Ministry regarding publicity, promotions and campaigns;
  11. Establishing and fostering good relations with local and international media on an ongoing basis to determine the target get the true picture of an organization that involves policies and developments;
  12. Acting as coordinator Public Complaints / Customer;
  13. Responsible Event Management and Tour Management for Ministries / Departments are represented within and outside the country;
  14. Carry out other tasks in the field of public relations and media relations directed from time to time.