Deputy Director is responsible for assisting the Director-General to promote, monitor and supervise compliance with the relevant administrative Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (Act 709).

Role and Function: -

  1. Responsible for policy issues relating to the protection of personal data;
  2. Assist the Commissioner in the overall administration of the Office of Personal Data Protection Commissioner;
  3. Promote awareness and dissemination of information to the public about Act 709;
  4. Conduct research and prepare policy papers / policy on the protection of personal data;
  5. Summing up the development of human resources and cooperation for the implementation of the program;
  6. Planning, supervising and coordinating the strategic plan and direction of the organization in line with the enforcement of Act 709;
  7. Corporate planning policy;
  8. Developing ICT systems and technologies necessary;
  9. Implement and enforce the Act, including the formulation of policies and operational procedures;
  10. Encourage associations or bodies representing data users to prepare codes of practice;
  11. Monitor and supervise compliance with the Act;
  12. Connect and collaborate with people who perform the functions of a personal data protection in any place outside Malaysia;
  13. The basic design certification management;
  14. Set policies and procedures Risk assessment;
  15. Investigations to determine policies and procedures;
  16. Determining policy and monitoring procedures;
  17. Plan activities preparation of reporting on the investigations and enforcement.