Function & Roles.

The Commissioner shall have the following functions:

(a) to advise the Minister on the national policy for personal data protection and all other related matters;

(b) to implement and enforce the personal data protection laws, including the formulation of operational policies and procedures;

(c) to promote and encourage associations or bodies representing data users to prepare codes of practice and to disseminate to their members the codes of practice for the purposes of this Act;

(d) to cooperate with bodies corporate or government agencies for the purpose of performing his functions;

(e) to determine in pursuance of section 129 whether any place outside Malaysia has in place a system for the protection of personal data that is substantially similar to that as provided for under this Act or that serves the same purposes as this Act;

(f) to undertake or cause to be undertaken research into and monitor developments in the processing of personal data, including technology, in order to take account any effects such developments may have on the privacy of individuals in relation to their personal data;

(g) to monitor and supervise compliance with the provisions of this Act, including the issuance of circulars, enforcement notices or any other instruments to any person;

(h) to promote awareness and dissemination of information to the public about the operation of this Act;

(i) to liaise and cooperate with persons performing similar personal data protection functions in any place outside Malaysia in respect of matters of mutual interest, including matters concerning the privacy of individuals in relation to their personal data;

(j) to represent Malaysia through participation in events that relate to personal data protection as authorized by the Minister, whether within or outside Malaysia; and

(k) to carry out such activities and do such things as are necessary, advantageous and proper for the administration of this Act, or such other purposes consistent with this Act as may be directed by the Minister.