Section 13. Application of this Division

(1) This Chapter shall apply to a user's data in a user group  

    data specified in the order made under subsection 14(1).

(2) A data user who is in a class of data users not specified in the  

    order made under subsection 14 (1) shall comply with all provisions of this Act other than

   the provisions of this Chapter relating to the registration and user data items



Section 14. Registration data users

(1) The Minister  may, on the recommendation of the Commissioner, by order published in the Gazette, declare

     classes of data users are required to be registered as users of data under this Act.

(2) The Commissioner shall, before making a recommendation under subsection (1), consult with—

     (a) any of the bodies representing data users who are in that class; or

     (b) any other interested person.